Final reconstruction

This site has been sucessfully updated and moved to the new server and host. Much thanks to Sharon Fong (fonginc) for the past 3 years of hosting.
6 May 2006


I'm sorry to announce that we've ended AFH. We'll keep the site up, as well as the MP3s on PureVolume, but we have lost the passion and drive to continue as a band.
We were plagued with a few problems amongst ourselves since the end of v3, so this was kind of inevitable...since we could not find a drummer. And also mainly because we (Kev and I) lost all interest in furthering any of our songs.
Thanks for all the support you've given us; who knows, maybe we'll start again in a few years. Until that time though, thank you from Kevin and I. You support, regardless of size, meant a lot to us.
Blessed are those who give compliments to bless others. Bless y'all.
See you around.
10 Feb 2005