The Up’s and Down’s In Between My Sheets: Sept13/05

Ok, so a little update on my recent stalking and what not…

Yesterday, the “Lost Cute Girl” got off at her right stop.
I think. This means her stop is actually MUCH earlier than mine…haha.

At the bus-stop yesterday I wanted to ask her “So do you know your stop this time?..haha”..but had fear of being treated like a creep.
ACtually, that’d be kinda…accurate? -shrug-

To further my stalker news, I know where her locker is now, because I pass by it during my walk to electronics, if I am quick enough.

Back to regular news and blurbs…got GMail Talk, so if you want to have a live session with me sometime to hear me play/sing or explain something verbally, just hit me up. You should know my Gmail.

Physics…the practice questions I did alright.
The quiz I completely failed.
The front, I didnt know how to do it…like, I didnt UNDERSTAND it, so it was basically not done.
The back, I got completely WRONG answers…no idea why.
So hopefully I’ll get to do the re-test on next Thursday.

Got the lyrics for the song Andy and i wrote now.
Just gotta practice it a lot and then we’re set for recording.

Algeo…oh boy.
Electronics…I can bring my custom PCBs for acid etching now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES BICH!!!!!
Eng…oh boy…she seems hard.
Chem…quiz tomorrow…what a joke.

I need to finish reading my books sometime…dammit, haha.

  • did i not warn you about mitsopoulos? the nicest teacher ever… but total mark nazi

  • top sum bong

    your next step is to take a picture of this “lost cute girl” and send me a picture. now. NOW!!!!!!!! GRRR…