The Up’s and Down’s In Between My Sheets: Nov14/05

This Week:

  • Physics chp1 remake re-scheduled
  • Algeo complete
  • Electronics advanced theory
  • Calc ch3.1-3.3
  • Chem organic compounds
  • Physics ch2 remake

Next week:

  • Monday: English exam
  • Tuesday: Study day
  • Wednesday: Bio
  • Thursday: Chem
  • Friday: Physics

The Week After Next:

  • Algeo test
  • Thursday: Phys ch1 remake

Hulk smash.

[URGENT EDIT @ 6:38PM NOV15/05]:
Electronics test was after exams. Phys2 is rescheduled on Friday. God is good.

  • algeo test ftw

  • larker

    all the time.

  • three word post

  • following the trend

  • moyee

    breaking the pattern!

    …now! wow youre busy alright =\