The Up’s and Down’s In Between My Sheets: Dec7/05

So today I got my algeo test back…

And it sucked crap. I felt like crap, literally. An entire void within me, just filled with pure stupidity. But then, our teacher, Hudson, get infuriated with our self-pitying [??] remarks and tells us that we’re not stupid. Why are we not stupid, you ask? Well, mainly because we got into her class. She sees that even if we’re getting 2% in her class -sneeze- we are still not stupid.

She either said that to simply make us feel good, or she said it from the heart.

Some other notes:

  1. I am a lesbian, I like women.
  2. Between Heaven and Hell further developed. Expect a trailer or some concepts by Christmas.
  3. Other points I was going to say have vanished from my mind like a monkey riding a purple-coloured, rocket-propelled dishwasher.
  • larker

    Count me in for lesbianism too.

  • :\ algeo is brutal.
    for last year — my friends were saying out of all them gr 12 courses which have an average of like around 60s-70s algeo was like 50-60s and what teachers do is mark by the curve…. cause out of all gr 12 university courses — algeo is the most unreasonable one

    so unless you’re totally engy minded and are from a real school system (like HK/Chian/India/Israel — or basically anywehre but Canada) or spend your extra time at brainchild/kumon and have been studying math for the last eternity its gonna be tough..

    tdsb, way to screw your future engineers over — and we wonder why all those jobs are being out sourced to india/israel/china — cause they don’t equip the majority of the students well enough

    but hey, Adwin don’t worry about it — i’ll tell you now from my friends in engineering they’re being really stacked on 25-30 hours of class and lots of studying / math & science — really immersed in school — and its really competitive and everyone is super geniuses there (mainly for loo)

    so hey, if thats what God wants you to go into, he’ll give you the blessings and you’ll get in 🙂 if not, no biggie, God wants to place you somewhere else and even if its not what we initially what its ultimately how he designed us and if we find our niche area we’ll thrive in our strength and our weaknesses cause we’re in obedience and full reliance on Him 🙂

    *smiles* so don’t feel like crap its gr 12 in the end — ultimately this is just a short insignificant moment, they say it’ll ‘affect the rest of your life’ and it can but a few numbers aren’t whats in control of your life — God our loving father, our beloved lover, and his assuring spirit is who dictates reality — this is His Story and Adwin, you’re His star —