Dec7/06: She Was Standing On A Sunny Hill

You’d think that with lectures done, I’d be able to sleep in, right?

Well, not if you’re me and want to get more studying done. I decided I would set my alarm to 9am, with a whole schedule set out and stuff…who would have thought that it was really planned I’d wake up then? Why do I say this? Because a little before 9am, Ah-Go started his ritual puking.

Now, seeing as how his main master was out to work, and the other one lying snuggly in bed, it was up to me to clean up that shit. Ok, not shit…oral excretion. However, this was a good learning opportunity, since it was my first time cleaning it up. On carpet. So, as the Koreans say: “GG!!!!!!!!”

9:20am: Just rushed into my dad’s room since I heard Ah-Go gagging again. To my surprise, my dad had already sprang to his feet with old listings…harharhar. Just to be safe, I slid a puking sheet under Ah-Go’s front paws. (Read: old flyers)


So what else has been going on in this head of mine? Well, there are two topics I could talk about. One of them is not public blog material, while the other is more of a “Hey, that’s kind of true…” topic. So I lied, I can only talk about the “Hey, that’s kind of true” thing.

What is so “Hey, that’s kind of true…”? Being emo. We all dislike the emo-kids, right? (I’m kidding, some of them are ok…I think we’re all a little emo at times anyway, when you complain and whine and bitch.) With their apathy, black mascara, black fingernails, hair-covering-eyes, tight jeans (guys wearing girls jeans), razorblades, “WHY MEEEEEEE”, “THIS WORLD HAS NOTHING FOR ME…WHY CAN’T I LEAVE!?”, tear-drop-wearing…the list goes on. Some music critics say that the “emo” genre is just a phase. Some of them also said rock would die again. However, the emo genre as we know it is as confusing as can be. Today’s emo is not the same as 1985’s emo (Wiki). Today…bands/music is considered emo is there is any emotion in the lyrics, or if they have any “fashion similarities”. Oh shit, can’t you consider everything emo then?

The topic of “emo” brought up a thought: “Wouldn’t most songs by Christian artists also be considered emo then?”

You can include/exclude as many genres they sing in…but there are still artists whom we all love that basically give a somewhat emo feeling. Culture throws every band/artist that has emotion into the genre known as “emo”. Well then, if that is the case, are the artists who are NOT emo also NOT human? Are they all robots which have no emotion (though AI is advancing, it will not play an important factor, as their form of emotion could just be bits of binary code)?

So let’s take this a step further and see who can actually be considered emo:

  • The gangsta-G rapper, rapping about shooting a punk up, taking his girl and making big bling: EMO
  • The opera singer, with her dynamics and emotional voice: EMO
  • The heavy metal, devil worshipping, suicide-inducing rock band screaming about excommunication, suicide, worshiping the devil: EMO
  • The side-street-boys, out-of-sync, or sluttery-dears pop singers singing about lost love, gained love, the inability to love: EMO
  • The worship leaders singing about the love of God, the sacrifice of Christ, His undying love and salvation through the blood: EMO

Oh my…it appears all music can now be considered EMO, if we go with culture! As long as you have some emotion in your lyrics, songs or life…you’re considered emo!

Come on.