Brain Flows Like Water 006: Ingenuity, Improvisation and Risk

Yesterday I looked at my amp, thought about how I needed to buy a new mic stand (one that pivots) in order to mic it, why my amp doesn’t have output jacks and how having headphones plugged in hurt sometimes.

…headphones plugged in? EUREKA! So I thought, what if I patched my amp into the mic jack on the laptop/computer, would that work?? Let’s break down some details for you…

  1. My amp’s headphone jack is a 1/4″ connection, which is the same size as a regular patch cord; I always used my 3.5mm to 1/4″ plugs in order to jack into the headphones.
  2. I have a 1/4″ to 3.5mm adapter.

Ingenious!? I think so too. Actually, it’s kind of sad (note: INCREDIBLY SAD, being a “musician” AND an engineer) how I just realized this…however, I still have to test this set up in a recording…so cross your fingers. There are a few ending thoughts regarding this though…

  1. This can be applied to sound systems!? All I’d have to do is simply plug myself into the sound system from my headphone jack. But I won’t have a monitor.
  2. Do I need a DI Box to prevent signals from blowing shit equipment up?
  3. How will the sound change?

Of course, after I press “Publish”, everyone else who doesn’t have a $200 amp is going to start doing the same thing…

EDIT: It sounds absolutely horrible…like, incredibly horrible. The first part is with distortion, and the second half was clean. CLEAN. NOT SO CLEAN NOW! Failed!

  • I like the new look of the place. Like you said, sounds like crap, but pretty damn cool. The way I record stuff is the good old fashion way (i.e. with a computer mic and Audacity). I think there are sound cards out there designed for recording so they’ve got jacks for instruments but I’ve never looked into it before (you probably have already).