[ORIGINAL] Decisions (To You) – April 27,2007

Just finished recording a more rock/punk version of my song “Decisions (To You)”. You can download/listen to it here. It’s currently missing drums…which should be done sometime soon.

April 27, 2007 version:

Audio MP3


April 25, 2007 ACOUSTIC version:

Audio MP3


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About the song:

As many of you know, I used to be serving on the worship teams, playing my guitar for God. However, for almost a year, after serving with Sycamore in TC2006, my passion for playing just for God began to dwindle. There was a part of me that began to want playing to glorify myself, and there was a part of me that was wondering if I should ever continue serving. When university came around, I decided to take a break from serving, mainly because I wouldn’t be able to commit to the practices – I am never able to attend Friday fellowships, and I can’t submit to the ad-hoc, spontaneous practice dates and times.

As the school year began to draw to a close, I was presented with a few opportunities to serve with the teams again. You’d think that I’d be excited and would immediately agree…but I didn’t. Instead, I chose to pray and wait for a sign. I am still waiting for more blatant, loud, in my face signs that I should indeed serve again…but until then, my heart and mind has been filled with doubt that I should serve. Maybe it was because I wasn’t always right with God, or maybe something has happened to me to destroy my passion for playing for Him. Regardless, it was something that was always troubling me.

So one night I was doing random things, and I received some inspiration from God and my situation to write a few lyrics about what I’ve been experiencing. And so, I present to you this…my little 3.2Mb testimony and reflection of what’s been going on in the musical side of my life.

I’m still waiting for a sign.

Another pitchfork in the road,
of doing what I want to do,
and doing what’s pleasing to you.

I don’t know which way I should go,
my left foot’s inside Your door,
my right foot’s on its way to war.

Because I,
am split in two of what i should do for You,
You have my life all planned out.
(And) I,
just don’t know where to go or what to do…
for You.

Another sleepless night just thinking,
thinking of what i should do,
do i run away or run to You?


And I can’t ever figure out,
what makes me run.
But I’ll put the blame to my doubt,
that You were the One.