Names and then some

What is in a name?

Well, for starters…names give someone/something an identity. Calling someone a “friend” is different from more specific handlers such as “female friend” and more specific, “girl friend”. Then again, these aren’t really names, but are more like titles instead…which COULD also act as a name!?

I think it was in a web-comic like VG Cats or something, where there was a question on how popular “Hello Kitty” would still be, if the name was something like “Hey Cat!” or something much more…”crude”.

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I’m not so sure I understand someone’s definition of “over-flowing passion” anymore. When applied to events or objects (can “organizations” be viewed as objects?), I understand how an overflow of passion could result in drastic actions and perhaps zealousness, but when applied to another human… When someone tells you they have an over-flowing passion for someone else, what exactly does that mean? Does that borderline to fanaticism? Stalker-like symptoms? Mad lust? It kind of creeps me out at times, to be frank.

I have a theory – a very far-fetched, has-yet-to-be-proven, theory – which may explain my driving techniques. If I drive in a mental/emotional state where I am borderline depressed, I will be calm. If you still don’t know what emotional state I am talking about, I’ll remind you that I think it’s the one where I just give you a blank, apathetic, somewhat sad [??] look and don’t reply to whatever you say (be it happy, sad or angry). I’ve had enough practice doing that, so you probably won’t really know when it’s for real…but each time I do it, my soul cries a little bit afterwards.

How can I back this theory up? Theoretically, if I DON’T forcefully relax myself and send myself into that relaxed-pseudo-depressed mental/emotional state, my entire body will be rigid and hard in the seat. We’ll see how this theory applies today, when I go out again.

I’ve added a comments subscription form to the blog now, in case you didn’t want to subscribe to the Comments RSS feed and was waiting for my replies! See, I CAN be responsible on the Tubes as well!