Finished another song today, titled Giants. It could sound cool with electrified everything and drums, but I didn’t take that route — MAYBE I’ll do it after a snack or something…haha.

Anyway, about this song…I was thinking last night about how we have giants (Goliaths) in our lives, and the biggest Goliath we will always face is the sin that continues to dwell in our hearts and minds even though we know that we are free from it. One thing I hate about these “giants”/”Goliaths” in our lives is that they lie to us, saying there is nothing after death. But that is wrong, because we as Christians believe in our redemption by Jesus, allowing us to enter the pearly gates when we acknowledge our salvation by Him.

In the “second part” of the chorus, I talk about how a little light in darkness is able to illuminate, and that is true — even with just a mere candle in a room of darkness, light will still prevail. Darkness hides from light!

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Here’s the lyrics:

The giant’s in my view,
the giant also appears to you.
The giant starts to grin,
bears down with eyes so dark,
you lose your soul within…

We all have our giants,
we all fight this war;
We all get deceived that at the end there’s no more.
Even a little light in darkness,
burns a path so bright…
so get back on your feet and continue the fight!

The giant towers over me,
puts his hand down, suffocating —
help me I can’t breathe!
I start to kick and scream,
someone save me from this endless death in slavery…

We have overcome.
We are free from endless death.
We have overcome.
We’re redeemed by the Savior’s death.