I Pledge Allegiance?

Writing this post has actually been on my mind for the past week, and I keep forgetting to write it, which means its not that important.

For some of you who drive on the Eastbound 401 and either get off at the Whites Rd. exit (or pass it), you’ll remember that there is a Yorkville warehouse, which stands out a lot, because it is so pristine. For the longest time, even though I knew it wasn’t related to Volkswagen, I kept thinking that it WAS.

Early this week, I noticed something new had been installed beside the Yorkville logo… a GIBSON logo. This Yorkville warehouse had been the audio equipment brand all along…and it appears that Gibson is its owner!

So now I do pledge allegiance to Gibson/Yorkville…and perhaps my next piece of hardware will be a Yorkville. We all knew I was planning to support Gibson anyway, by taking the Epiphone route…but that might take a while anyway. Well, any purchases in the near future won’t be so near anyway.