AddOne2Win: The Day That Surpassed All Those Before It

This is an official test of the paginated posts! [EDIT: They really work!!!] There are 13 comics in all today (EARLY UPLOAD FOR THE WIN!!!), each on its own page! I hope this works out, and that this will possibly be one of the last mega posts (especially of old material) in a while.

These comics were all drawn last year, and account for experiences in Collaborative Leadership, Impact of Science and Technology On Society and Calculus, as well as random joys in life.

On with the show!!

AddOne2Win: Remembering Code 2

Last year electrical engineers and I were in a course called “Collaborative Leadership”, which was basically a bird course which was supposed to be a big deal. The professor, Robert Coke, was pretty much a big deal…because he was a laid-back professor who had fun teaching and giving his personal experiences. He was also one of the professors that called people out when they talked in-class, most notably by pointing and stating “Code 2” at the offenders. If the people continued talking, he’d expand the offence by saying things like “Rolling Code 2” or “Multi-lateral Code 2”. He was a fun prof to have, and the marks were quite easy to obtain 🙂

Enjoy the other pages of comics after the break!