[COVER] Name

Last night I felt the urge to listen to some random Goo Goo Dolls (I think?) and I stumbled upon their acoustic version of “Name” while on Radio Blog Club. And so while in the wee hours of the night I decided to learn how this song goes…and when I woke up, I played it again quietly while people were still sleeping.

It isn’t exactly an easy or hard song to play, but the way Johnny sings was brutal at the beginning, since there was a lot of off-beat-ness…add that in with the soothing guitar ballad (PLAYED WITHOUT A PICK), and things normally get complicated fast. Honestly, I re-recorded more than 10 times because I didn’t get one part absolutely correct — even now I am not 100% pleased with the recording, but here we are.

Turns out this is a love song…hrmmmmmmm.

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