Preliminary Summer Plans

Well, as this school semester draws to an end soon, I have some sort of plan as to how my summer will be played out. Note that these are just preliminary thoughts (even thought they’ve been quite thought out), and because of the volatility of the course schedules none of these plans/thoughts can really be put into concrete (yet).

Our “summer” course schedule actually breaks down into 3 terms, Term 1 (Spring), Term 2 (Spring-Summer) and Term 3 (Summer), and will be referred to as T1 to 3 respectively. For the Fall and Winter terms, I will refer to them as F and W. Likewise, Year 1, 2, 3, 4 etc will be represented by Y1 to 5 respectively. So here are the courses I plan to take, and their information as I have obtained it from the draft which was earlier uploaded (note that this draft has since been removed, and the somewhat finalised revision will be uploaded onto MyCampus by next week):

  1. BUSI1101U – Financial Accounting [Term1; May 5 – Aug14] — Taking this course this summer will be the first of my Y4F business courses for the management option of my program.
  2. SOCI1000U – Intro Sociology [Term 3; June 30 – Aug14] — I am slotted to have another elective in Y3F, so in order to free up my time schedule, why not take it in the summer?

If I follow this plan, then I should be able to take Finance I and II (Y4F&W), as well as Managerial Accounting (Y4W) during my Y3 spring/summer term, which would definitely allow me to advance my study speed by a year, or increase my workload to the point where I am merely a part-time student. Of course, what are the problems of being a part-time student? the lack of OSAP funding.

Of course, all these plans would get changed if they offered Y3F engineering courses…