Random Car Info

My dad is looking into the 08/09 Camry or 08 CR-V, and asked me to give him some dirty information. So without diving into car pornography or anything, I dived into what was probably the most important/relevant info for a frugal person like myself: fuel economy/efficiency (FE) and the base price for the lowest, shi-luggiest model. Unless otherwise noted, the FE is from FuelEconomy.gov, which I trust has the official/accurate EPA values (tested and true, as opposed to mere estimate). Of course, FE also depends on how a person drives. With that said, I’ll probably really just spend money on a BMX bike (FINALLY?) and ride it to school…instead of driving and paying $500 for parking while in FARMLAND.

2008 Camry (Auto-5spd)
Combined FE: 25mpg (9.4L/100km)

2008 Camry (Auto-6spd)
Combined FE: 22mpg (9.4L/100km)

2008 Camry starts at $25,900 (+$1300 destination).

Currently offered in Toyota’s Red Tag Days event!


2009 Camry (LE)
City FE: 30mpg (9.5L/100km)
Highway FE: 46mpg (6.2L/100km)

2009 Camry (Auto; SE)
City FE: 30mpg (9.5L/100km)
Highway FE: 46mpg (6.2L/100km)

2009 Camry (Any V6)
City FE: 26mpg (10.7L/100km)
Highway FE: 40mpg (7.0L/100km)

2009 Camry (Hybrid)
City FE: 50mpg (5.7L/100km)
Highway FE: 50mpg (5.7L/100km)

*2009 Camry figures given by Toyota.ca and are not verified by the EPA.

2009 Camry LE starts at $23,400.


2008 CRV (2WD)
Combined FE: 23mpg (10.2L/100km)

2008 CRV (4WD)
Combined FE: 22mpg (10.7L/100km)

2008 CRV LX-2WD starts at $27,790.