Get Naked On April 9th!

I logged in to do a little blog maintenance, and in the corner of my eye I see the words “GET NAKED”. Now, before you think of me as an incredibly bawdy man… April 9th is international CSS Naked Day! You can get more information about it at Lorelle VanFoussen’s post (don’t worry, I don’t know too much about her either…but she is a part of every WordPress user!), or get information straight from the source’s mouth post (Dustin Diaz).

Of course, if you’re too lazy to read up on what CSS Naked Day is all about, here is the main gist in a horrible paraphrase:
To demonstrate the need and importance of standards-compliant web design which is accessible to readers of all formats (ie. cellphones, PDAs, crappy-ISP-such-as-the-one-I-use

If you’re interested in joining, head over to Dustin’s page! You can also pick up Aja’s CSS Naked Day plugin for WP which will automatically strip your blog on April 9th.