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I didn’t catch onto Michael Buble when he grew in popularity, so of course I had missed out on how good he could be. I think some people were comparing him to Frank Sinatra and other artists “of that genre”?

Regardless, hearing the song last summer at LOAH and having to play (turns out I didn’t need to play) it for the Victoria Day Celebration/Earthquake Relief fundraiser, I had grown a large interest in the song. The subtle guitar parts were interesting, and I remembered Buble saying in an interview somewhere (ET Canada?) that he wrote these songs FOR MEN (to sing to their girlfriend or wife). Not…that…there…is…any…relation…right…now.

And so I decided to have some fun. I have to admit that it took me whole day to finally get to a recording where I wasn’t 100% displeased, but even right now I am only probably around 85% pleased with how this turned out. Yes, I am critical of myself even though I don’t have the equipment to make higher quality recordings…haha.

And you’re right, I do need to either get that audio plug-in (like Carl’s) or finally get working on my media player…

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