[COVER] Boston (rough)

Well, here we are. The first keyboard and vocals recording ever. I can’t read sheet music, so I learned this by ear and some chords. A really horrid “first try”, which is why I appropriately named it “rough”; just about everything that can go wrong does:

  • spacey recording due to bad mic positioning
  • running out of air and going off key
  • playing the wrong chords and notes as only a newbie keyboard player would
  • telephone going off (actually, it came in at a GOOD moment and sounded…good?)

A better version is definitely in the works…but this was just something for laughs and cringing. I need some telescopic boom mic stands, as the current set-up is really inflexible for mic positioning capturing the best sounds.

This song is called “Boston” by Augustana. This is my bastardized-Adwin Lam style recording. Enjoy!

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By the way, don’t bother with anything else by Augustana…they’re pretty damn emo-pop and whiny.