[COVER] Happiness!!!

Carl introduced me to Kimura Kaela (木村カエラ) a couple moons back with her PV for “Happiness!!!”, and yep…Kaela was pretty damn cute then. Recently, the craziness and interest had peaked! It must’ve been the animated gif of her twirling and getting dizzy, or constantly wanting to hear the song via Grooveshark and watching the PV again… but Columbia Music JP has been removing all her PVs from the Internet, which is unfortunate.

Either way, the desire for Happiness!!! began, and while that was a low-quality PSEye recording via Tokbox, the desire for higher quality (with me? yeah right) continued.

And now here we are.
In pseudo-Japanese…

Audio MP3

Download | Check out other recordings

And in English (translation by Corichan)…

Audio MP3

Download | Check out other recordings

My breakout into JPOP??? Most likely not.
I’m planning to shoot a higher quality Japanese video though.

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  • Such prettiness cannot go unadored. Surely, we must advance the cause of the K3K clan! Onward, to world domination, the globe united under one name!

    That, and she is damn cute. I still hold that the “Level 42” MV Kaela (the first I saw from her) is the canonical, golden-standard Kaela to which all other female celebrities must be compared with. And of course, all fall short of the cuteness of Kaela Kimura.

  • All fall short of the cuteness of Kaela indeed!

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