[ORIGINAL] Hey! There’s The Good News!

Perhaps the final song for this upcoming Weekend22 (maybe apart from a cover or two?), this one started out with the most difficulty writing lyrics for. I started out just humming, and felt this should have been an instrumental/interlude/lyricsless song…but with encouragement and a mention of “sunshine”, the words began flowing. That, combined with a bright and sunny Sunday afternoon (to which I neglected posting my sermon notes until later)…resulted in a story about a beautiful day being met with the realization a storm is inevitable. This is continued with ascension to a high point bringing the storm into perspective, and finally an earthquake signifying the end of everything. The story concludes (or rather, truly begins) by meeting the one who kept you protected during this time, even taking all harm upon himself, telling you to spread the news…but alas, you admit that your meekness is the hindrance.

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I see the bright sunshine all around me, I feel the warmth on my skin; its surprising.
But it won’t always be so sunny, I know that there’s a storm a coming; can I still smile?

You take me up to a mountaintop to overlook the city.
The view, it takes my breath away; its mesmerizing.
But up ahead in the horizon, awfully close to Mount Zion, I see the churning clouds!

There’s lightning and thunder now, striking all around. Massive trembling in the ground — Earthquake!

I wake up to find your body protecting me.
There were scars on your hands and feet, they were bleeding.
You helped me up and told me to go back to the city, and tell everyone what has happened here on Calvary.
But I don’t know if I can do it, my tongue gets tied and I get so timid; can You still smile?