Quick Life Lessons 001


The first installation of a quick list of things that I should never forget, or rather always keep in mind.

  1. Cease and desist from all future usage of “Delayed Delivery”
    • Keep it in your drafts folder instead. If you ever switch between an email client and webmail, you might not be able to recall/edit the message should details change.
  2. Buying the best of last generation’s Android phones will probably still be better than buying the “latest greatest” (probably)
    • With the Samsung Galaxy S4 coming out, the S3 should be available at a lower price. The community on xda should still be present and active, given how “new” the phone still is, and we should be able to see the latest greatest version of Android on the phone (eventually)
    • Last generation’s “superphone” should have the specs to install at least 1-2 more Android updates (that is a joke unto itself for another day)
  3. Never get lazy in washing your vehicles
    • Nature’s car wash can only do so much (or rather, do so little in terms of cleaning, but do so much in terms of making things worse).