In 2005, my friend Perry wrote a couple of poems and with his permission I chose a simple chord structure to accommodate it. The results were less than stellar, due in part to using a computer microphone and choosing to sing with a soft falsetto… After 8 years, it was time to revisit and modernise this piece which also rings true to my heart. Numerous times I’ve blogged/spoken to people about how I feel I’ve been in a constant melancholy relationship with the Lord for a long time; about how I often ask Him why he still blesses me despite all the “red in my book”. The answer, of course, is grace…and if I ever finish reading Philip Yancey’s What’s So Amazing About Grace? I’ll probably have a better understanding and appreciation, aside from praying and reading my Bible daily y’know.

Below are the lyrics (also found at Perry’s old blog), as well as both the (pretty awful) 2005 recording and the completely different 2013 attempt.



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Audio MP3

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why do you smile at me

with that cloud of mystery
why do you laugh with me
living up my fantasy
why won’t you hate me
why won’t you just throw me away

why do you smile at me
with those words of hypocrisy
why do you laugh with me
secretly making fun of me
making my life a total misery
why do you hide from me
why won’t you show me your face.

why? why?
tell me…

cover - the quarter century crisis

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    Now THIS is next level #TBT