[COVER] Higher/Lower Sweater Weather

It’s been a while since I’ve recorded a cover (let alone anything) for you, oh anonymous listener and follower of this blog. At first I was struggling with motivation, and then I was dealing with negative emotions and the sort. During this time, I was also watching a Korean Drama called “Trot Lovers”, and in one episode the female lead character Choi Choon Hee comes to the realisation that she sings trot not to make others happy but rather, to make herself happy. One way to battle all the negativity in one’s life is to do things that make one happy, and sure enough I feel a little better sharing two versions of the same song tonight.

Tonight we have lower and higher versions of “Sweater Weather” by The Weeknd Neighbourhood. The bridge was absolutely stupid in the original song, so I did away with it. Maybe I’ll do a dual register version sometime? What do you think???


Lower version:

Audio MP3

Higher version:

Audio MP3

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Cover art for "Two, Oh One, For You". State Records NSW/5373322093
Cover art for “Two, Oh One, For You”.
State Records NSW/5373322093