The discrete midterm went down today…and it wasn’t too bad, but it wasn’t as easily as people speculated. I did finish early though, despite me not really know how to do the last proof (anyone know how? And NO, its not Aaron Tait’s “1”).

So after discrete…parents and I checked out a house and then went to (drum roll please) Imperial Garden! It’s a pretty good looking place on the inside…and the staff seemed to be pleasant — clearly mainly Chinese operated though, since most of the older people who worked there was screaming commands in Canto. Washrooms were ok…the automatic paper towel dispenser was hot. A moderately large selection of food (which was sadly over-salted)…and since we ate for 2 hours straight, $20/person didn’t seem so bad still seemed a little high. But yeah, we won’t be going there randomly for a long time…

2hrs non-stop eating…and now I kind of feel hungry again — I had predicted all the food would cut through me by 10pm.