All the Games Played

I like board/card games — they’re a great source of entertainment and way to learn more about your friends or other people. Some are more lengthy and complex than others, and some certainly cause more strain to your friendships. When I see videos from The Dice Tower or Rahdo’s Runthroughs I often wonder how on Earth they have that much time to try (and remember) the astronomical amount of games, and how they can make Top 100 lists. It is insanity, I tell you…┬áThis is an on-going list, surely to be updated every once in a while.

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Blur vs Split/Second: Demo 1

I don’t blog about videogames that often. However, there’s always a time when you must finally do something that you haven’t done in a long time. There is a mini-dilemma which myself and others are trapped in: which upcoming racing game, Blur or Split/Second deserves my money? Having the opportunity to go to Shawn’s yesterday to actually play the X360 demos (Blur is TBA; S/S demo comes May 11 for PSN) was very helpful…
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