Moving On From Stone: Part 4

Battery life is always a wonderful specification that some of us neglect to research (or care about) when purchasing new electronics. Standby time isn’t really ALL that useful as a metric, as it never fully demonstrates real usage. It is surely important for cellphones -with ultra sparse usage, the longest I could go without recharging was a measly 3 days on the Atrix – so for a tablet which

  1. doesn’t fit in my pocket and therefore doesn’t experience the heat effect of being there
  2. doesn’t have a cellular radio communicating with wireless towers

one should probably expect something much, MUCH better.

And indeed it is.

Long standby time from light usage

Moving On From Stone: Part 3

Having a wireless device is a very nice thing, mainly because it’s convenient to do whatever the heck you can think of doing. At least that’s what one would want you to think.


Why i’m restricted to only Samsung printers to print is beyond me. What the bloody sodding hell, Samsung? Oh, right, this is the same company that has proprietary connectors on a lot of things, dumps support for their latest greatest devices fairly quickly (LET ALONE RELEASE A NEWER BETTER ONE ALMOST IMMEDIATELY) and mailed me a CD for their software…ON A  CD-R WITH A HANDWRITTEN LABEL. Now, now, I should know one branch clearly does not represent the entire company…

Oh wait.

Moving On From Stone: Part 2

In the phone version of Android, one is required to download an application in order to make screenshots. What’s interesting though is that some of them actually require root and some don’t even work! This brings me to another feature that I like about Honeycomb: the ability to take screenshots out of the box and, more importantly, at anytime one wishes. I haven’t tried ICS yet, so i’m not sure if this feature is in there (it probably is?)

To give you a visual examples, I’ve included a screenshot seen below. Here you’ll also get a chance to see the nice Accueweather app:


observe the icons along the bottom left corner; in order of left to right they are Back, Home, Recently Used and…SCREENSHOT! Settings sometimes shows up depending on the app.

Very useful when needed (not useful when you don’t need to take screens or accidentally take them…