Battlefield 1943 Micro-Review and Info

I’ve never written a review for a game before, and I don’t expect these reviews to be any good but I hope these will be different in the sense we’ll be able to discuss my opinions. The problem is, I’ll also be explaining certain aspects of the game. Perhaps you’ll even help me see something in a new light! Without further ado, here we go…after the jump.
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At the beginning of July, I had received an email from Gotee Records, informing me about an upcoming release from one of their newly signed bands, I AM TERRIFIED (IAT). There’s something strange about these emails — sometimes I really don’t care to listen to the promoted band/music, mainly because I am not interested. However, this time around I had decided to take a chance with IAT and went to their MySpace page. After that, I had decided I would patiently wait for the 29th, when their CD would finally be released.

IAT is a self-proclaimed hardcore/rock Christian band, and the first thing that caught me from the brief songs I heard were the lyrics — they really demonstrate their faith. These guys are not afraid terrified of proclaiming the Lord through their music! Formerly known as Fixed ‘Til Tuesday, IAT’s name comes from Job 23:14-15 [show]ERROR: The IP key is no longer supported. Please use your access key, the testing key 'TEST'
This text is from the ESV Bible. Visit to learn about the ESV.
, which says

He carries out his decree against me, and many such plans he still has in store. That is why I am terrified before him; when I think of all this, I fear him.

Their self-titled EP was released July 29th and features 6 songs, one of which (“Heaven Knocking, Hell Rising”) was previously released earlier in their “career”, to my knowledge; it is available on iTunes for $5.94. But enough of this brief intro, let’s get into the beef of this post: THE TRACK BY TRACK ANALYSIS.
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