Passion Sessions – The Beginning

Remember when I previously mentioned a new fiery, passionate video series? Well, I was pleased to have the guys come over on Monday to get things started, and the craziness has been documented. It isn’t as crazy passionate as at Shawn’s place, but we’re getting there. “What are these passionate videos?” you may ask. Rest assured, it isn’t porn (but according to Rule34, there might be someone who has a fetish for this 🙁 ).

This is Rock Band. This is raw. This is PASSION.

Current line-up is: Joel, Chris, Shawn, Joe and Adwin. Happy FLV videos available in the full post!
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HOW-TO: Rock band Drums On PC

This is old news, but Andrew Rudson made a program called “Drum Machine” which allows you to use your PS3/X360 Rock Band drums on your PC (the one I’m specifying will be for the PS3 version). This can allow you to record a drum sample in the DM program itself, or use programs like FruityLoops. Andrew’s site is down (but the URL is, and through the help of Google, I found his forum thread containing the program.

Head on over to his thread, and read on through. Page 4 contains the working version (1.16).
Disclaimer: I will not offer any support on my blog for any issues you face — all problems should be directed toward Andrew Rudson himself at his site or forum.
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