UPDATE: Sony Ericsson Z310a “Blue LEDs of Death”??

As seen in a previous post, my Z310a had died; stuck in perpetual blinking. However, a reply on HoFo (Howard Forums) suggested I do the following:

  1. Remove the battery
  2. Connect the charger
  3. While pressing C, plug the charger into the wall
  4. Pray

While I didn’t pray, the phone certainly resurrected. So thanks, goodoldmoto! And here you have it.
The other option would be to flash the thing. Didn’t have to resort to that though, GG 🙂

Sony Ericsson Z310a “Blue LEDs of Death”??

My phone was charging overnight and this morning my phone’s alarm went off, and then I set it down. When I went back to the phone, removed it from the charger and turned it on, it was perpetually blinking. I have tried removing the battery and also plugging the phone back into the charger, but both have resulted in the same blinking. Is this Sony Ericsson’s “Blue LEDs of Death”? Hopefully nobody else coined this term and I’ve started the trend??

I’m going to continue searching for a solution, but thank goodness I self-unlocked my Siemens A56 (and upgraded it to C56) and left it for my dad…but in the car I suddenly remembered I also had a T616 somewhere in my boxes. I’ll search for it eventually.

Here’s the video:

Sony Ericsson Z310 “Blue LEDs of Death”?? from Adwin Lam on Vimeo.