[POLL] “Year 5”

If you’ve downloaded my covers/originals and looked at the ID3 tags, you may notice each has an “Album”, relating their recording date and my university year. You may also notice that there isn’t really much, if anything, for “Year 5” (albeit, 2 compilations were recorded instead). My plan for “Year 5” (not final title) is to choose the best songs from my entire tenure in undergrad, re-record them with the AT2041 (same equipment used for This Could Be Anywhere) and pop it into its own package/compilation.

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[COVER] This Could Be Anywhere

Alexisonfire’s This Could Be Anywhere…done here, acoustically. Hopefully this is the result of a motivational break from capstone, rather than a procrastination technique, right?

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Some notes:

  • the recording was done with the new AT2020 and AT2021 I picked up a while back. Pretty clean compared with the older stuff, don’t you think!
  • Still using Audacity. This time around I did something along the lines of compressor,normalize,compressor,amplify,compressor,compressor,compressor. I’ll learn to use the EQ one day, I promise.
  • Oddly, this was also recorded in one of the washrooms in the house…just for kicks to see how its reverb plays out. Next one will be in another washroom…
  • I’ve also changed one line from the original, since there is hope.
  • Maybe one day I’ll get real monitors? It sounded fine with my non-monitor headphones, but apparently near the end sounds kind of poor with my non-monitor speakers. Dang.
  • After the fact, I can confirm I got flat a few times too many…whoops ๐Ÿ™‚